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whelp, this episode of tanis actually had some fucking content for a change, so that was nice.
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I love the internet. I went looking for Tanis fanfic to keep me going through the hiatus and SO MUCH of it is Nic/Geoff van Sant porn.

Honestly Geoff reminds me of that guy from The Tingler whose wife dies and Vincent Price is doing her autopsy and the guy just CONTINUALLY asks Vinnie P to go for a drink with him, like WHY ARE YOU SO INVESTED IN BEING FRIENDS WITH THIS GUY WHO YOU MET BECAUSE HE WAS CUTTING UP YOUR DEAD WIFE?!

Anyway, spoiler alert, the guy turns out to have murdered his wife, but even after it's revealed he still REALLY wants to be Vincent Price's friend and Vinnie P is like WHAT NO YOU'RE A TOTAL MURDERER GOODBYE FOREVER! So, Geoff van Sant is probably COMPLETELY EVIL but I will *totally* read fic about this polite Canadian guy and this totally-murderous ex-military guy boning, so, thank you internet for making LITERALLY EVERYTHING about sex. Good job.

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