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Dudes, is it just me or is every Ronan-centric episode of SGA exactly the same?

  • Some Wraith come.
  • Ronan hates the Wraith.
  • Ronan cries about his dead gay planet.
  • Ronan works out his angst by shooting a lot of things.

I mean, I guess he is slightly less of a one-note character than Ford eventually became ("RARR! I EAT WRAITH JUICE! RARR! YOU ALL HATE ME! RARR! NOW LET'S GO AHEAD WITH OPERATION: REALLY STUPID PLAN!") and he's not, you know, unfun to look at, but seriously Ronan, do something other than whine about your stupid planet!

Of course, it's cancelled now so he will never have the chance. Oh well. Maybe in the inevitable movie sequel Ronan will have an exciting new obsession that doesn't revolve around avenging Sateda or crying because his mates are little Wraith bitches now.

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