Apr. 8th, 2017

froodle: (bitch)
mike: i thought i saw johnny heg today, but it turned out not to be him and i just waved at some random guy driving past.
me: yeah hes off the island this weekend
mike: he must have a lookalike in town, i swear it was his exact face.
me: you know, johnny does look kinda like joe flanigan...
mike: shit. i TOLD you bleeding on his face would summon him!
me: well i didnt bleed on him, dont blame me!
mike: great, now im getting murdered.
me: what about my brother?! hes gonna get blamed for all the killings over here!
froodle: (bitch)
hahahah i forgot that bit in the season one finale where sheppard is properly narked off and stroppy because teyla makes him save a bunch of guys. like hes fully sulking and passive aggressive with her about it, like "this wasnt supposed to be a rescue mission" put upon pout throws a fucking moody like a mardy teen.
froodle: (bitch)
oh my god he just came back from a quick walk out amidst the horrors to find teyla rescued a bunch of random people other than the guy she said she would rescue and he is FUCKING LIVID. shes getting so slagged off in his diary tonight!
froodle: (bitch)
"you cant say earthlings! your mother doesnt have security clearance!"
"she knows im from earth, son, its not a bloody secret!"

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