Apr. 2nd, 2017

froodle: (bitch)
man, i hate that episode "the defiant one". not because its a bad episode, but because they created a really likeable character in dr gall and he dies HORRIBLY and it sucks to watch every time.

in other news, mike is now convinced that by bleeding on the stargate atlantis dvds he has summoned the murderous ghost of john sheppard to come kill him and is refusing to handle sharp objects.
froodle: (bitch)
we have a plush Kyubey who sometimes comes to sit on the sofa with the popular toys and every now and then one of us will be like whats this murdering piece of shit doing here? and put him back on the chair and just now i was like lol shall we call him john sheppard and mikes like fuck no thats mean to Kyubey.

(but seriously fuck you Kyubey get back on the chair)

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