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I ran the Russian-language version through Google Translate and it came up as follows:

Terms of use

Subject of the Agreement
1.1. The limited liability company "Soup Media" (Administration) provides the user of the information and telecommunication network Internet (User) with the opportunity to use the Service on the terms and conditions set forth in this User Agreement (Agreement). Only individuals who have reached the age of 14 are entitled to use the Service.
1.2. The possibility of using the Service is granted by the Administration to the User free of charge.

General Provisions
2.1. The agreement is a public offer in accordance with Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Use of the Service, including every access to the pages of the Site by any means, means the full and unconditional acceptance of the Agreement by the User.
2.2. The Agreement regulates the rights and obligations of Users and Administration, as well as relations with third parties whose rights and interests may be affected as a result of User actions.
2.3. The current version of the Agreement is on the page at The Agreement can be changed by the Administration without special notification by placing the new version of the Agreement at the same address. The new version of the Agreement comes into force from the moment of its posting on the Internet, unless otherwise provided for in the new version of the Agreement.
2.4. A user who does not agree with the terms of the current version of the Agreement in whole or in part, shall terminate any use of the Service.
2.5. Violation by the User of the terms of the Agreement may lead to termination of access to the Account or removal of the Account of such User, as well as to the complete or partial removal of the Content or restriction of access to it without prior notice.

The terms

Authorization is the process of analyzing the Authentication data entered by the User by the software part of the Service, which results in the User being given access to the Account.

Account - an account of the User containing Authentication and other data provided by the User in the process of using the Service.

Authentication data are unique means of User identification (login and password) used for Authorization.

A blog is a third-level domain of the Site, the right of use of which has been transferred by the Administration to the User on the terms of this Agreement for the purposes of posting the Content by the User (maintaining the Blog).

The owner of the Community is the User who created the Blog in the Community format.

Content - information of the User on the Service, including information specified by the Registration, information posted in the Blogs and Communities, as well as sent in private messages.

Community Moderator - A User to whom the Owner and / or the Community Care Provider provided access to the functionality allowing the moderation of Community Content.

Profile is a public page automatically created on the Service at Registration, containing all the data specified by the User at Registration, as well as further changing or supplementing the Account data, except for the password and the Registration address.

Paid services are additional services provided to the User by Live Journal Inc. On the basis of a separate agreement concluded between the User and Live Journal Inc.

Registration - the User's actions to create an Account on the basis of the procedure established by the Administration. In the registration process, the User must specify Authentication data, and may also specify other optional information that it deems necessary.

The site is a site in the information and telecommunication Internet network, identified by the domain name

Service - LiveJournal Service that provides Users with the ability to maintain Blogs, post notes, comments and use other functionality offered by the Administration.

The Community Caretaker is the User to whom the Community Owner has granted access to special functionality for managing the Community.

Community - A blog with a given Community Owner subject, the content of which can be created by the Community of Users in the manner defined by the Community Owner.

Account Registration
4.1. A number of functions of the Service, including the maintenance of the Blog, will be available to the User after Registration.
4.2. For Registration, the User provides information provided by the registration form. If the Administration has reason to believe that the information provided by the User is not true and up-to-date, the Administration has the right, at its discretion, to stop access to the User Account or delete the Account.
4.3. After completing the Registration form, the User must confirm the Registration by activating it according to instructions sent by the Administration to the e-mail address specified by the User at the Registration (Registration address).
4.4. The administration has the right at its discretion to prohibit the use of certain logins, as well as to establish the requirements for the login and password (the number of characters, permissible symbols, etc.). If the use of words (letters) as logins that can be regarded as affecting the rights and legitimate interests of the Administration and / or third parties is found, the Administration has the right, at its discretion, to delete the User Account or restrict access to it until the User brings the login in accordance with the requirements Administration.
4.5. As a result of Registration, an Account and a User's Blog are identified, identified by a third-level domain name of the form, where username is the user's chosen login.
4.6. The user is responsible for the security (resistance to attack attacks) of the Authentication data he has chosen, and their confidentiality.
4.7. The user is responsible for all actions performed using the User's Authentication data. All actions performed after Authorization with the use of the User's Authentication Data are deemed to be performed by the User himself, unless the User has previously informed the Administration in advance in the manner provided for in the Agreement about the possibility of unauthorized access and / or any breach (suspicion of violation) of the confidentiality of its Authentication Data .
4.8. The user is liable for possible loss or misrepresentation of data, as well as other consequences of any nature that may occur due to the User's violation of the provisions of the Agreement.
4.9. Also, the User can access the additional functions of the Service by using his / her account on Facebook, Twitter, Google, VKontakte or (Third Party Account). The functionality available through the Third Party Account may be limited in comparison to the functionality of the Account.

User Data
5.1. Technical data transferred to the Service by the User's software, as well as other data transmitted by the User to the Service, will be available to the Administration and may be used by the latter at its own discretion in ways not prohibited by law, including targeting of the advertisement displayed to the User.
5.2. The User's IP address can be accessed by other Users when posting User comments in the Blogs - depending on the settings selected by the User or the Community Owner, in which the User posts a comment.
5.3. The User Profile information will be available to other Users. The User has the right to delete and / or correct the Profile at any time using the account management interface.
5.4. The Administration draws attention to the fact that no information is required to use the Service, including the Registration, on the basis of which it is possible to directly or indirectly identify a particular individual, and therefore the relations related to the Service, the Registration and Information provided in the Registration process are not subject to the provisions Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 152-FZ.

Termination of the Account
6.1. Termination of Inactive Accounts by the Administration 6.1.1. The Administration reserves the right to delete the Account and the Blog if access to the Blog is not carried out by the User for more than 6 months in a row or was limited during the same period in connection with the violation of the Agreement.

6.2. Termination of the User Account 6.2.1. The User has the right to delete the Account using the account management interface. When the User Account Deletion function is activated, the Account is blocked for a period of 60 days, during which other Users will not have access to the Content of the Blog.
6.2.2. During this period, the User can restore the Account. Users' access to the Blog Content will resume.
6.2.3. If the User does not restore the Account, the Account login will be available for use by other Users, and all User data and all Content placed using the Account and marked by the User in the interface as being deleted will be deleted, except for the data specified in clause 6.3 of the Agreement. Since this moment, the Restoration of the Account, as well as any information related to it, is impossible. The data stored in accordance with clause 6.3 of the Agreement will also be unavailable to the User and third parties from this moment and may be provided by the Administration only upon the request of authorized bodies.

6.3. The Administration draws the attention of the User that in accordance with Part 3 of Art. 10.1 of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 149-FZ, the Administration is obliged, regardless of the will of the User, to store and provide, upon legitimate requests, authorized bodies: 6.3.1. Information on the receipt, transmission, delivery and / or processing of voice information, written text, images, sounds, video or other electronic messages of Users and information about the Users who have committed the listed actions - within one year from the end of the implementation of such actions;

7.1. The User has the right to keep the Blog, to leave notes and comments both in his Blog (Community) and in the Blogs (Community) of other Users.
7.2. Using the functionality of the Service, the User, subject to the requirements of the Agreement and the applicable law, determines the content of the Content and the level of availability of the Content to Users.
7.3. The user who created the Blog is responsible for such Blog and the content placed therein.
7.4. The Administration draws the attention of the User that if access to the Blog (the Blog page) is more than three thousand users of the Internet network within 24 hours, the User will be subject to the requirements of Art. 10.2 of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 149-FZ.
7.5. The user who posted a comment in the Blog and the User who leads such a Blog bear subsidiary responsibility in respect of such comment.

8.1. The User has the right to create Communities.
8.2. The Community may have Community rules that must not conflict with the Agreement and applicable law.
8.3. The owner of the Community is responsible for the Community, including its rules, the Content placed therein, the activities of the Caretaker and the Community Moderator.
8.4. The Administration draws the attention of the Community Owner that if access to the Community (Community page) is more than three thousand users of the "Internet" network within 24 hours, the Community Owner will be subject to the requirements of Art. 10.2 of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 149-FZ.
8.5. The user who posted the entry or comment in the Community, and the Owner of such Community bear subsidiary responsibility in respect of the relevant entry or comment.
8.6. The Community Caretaker and the Owner of such Community shall bear subsidiary liability for actions carried out by the Community Care Officer.

9.1. By posting Content, User: 9.1.1. Guarantees the Administration that the Content and the terms of its placement comply with the requirements of the applicable law, the User has obtained all the rights and permissions required for the Content placement;
9.1.2. With respect to Content that is the result of intellectual activity, the Administration grants to the Administration a non-exclusive (simple) license for the use of Content for the purposes of providing the Service by reproducing the Content, as well as bringing the Content to the public for the duration of the Content on the Service. In the event that the User participates in the ratings, as well as the use of the User Content in the drafting of the Service, the User additionally authorizes the Administration to make changes, abbreviations and additions to the Content, providing the Content with illustrations, an introduction, an afterword, comments or whatever Explanations, and in some cases caused by the functionality of the Service - also the permission to use the User Content anonymously.
9.1.3. It undertakes to mark Content that is not permitted under the laws of the Russian Federation for distribution among children (0 to 18 years) as material for adults, using the functionality of the Service.

9.2. The user is prohibited from: 9.2.1. Register as a User a legal entity;
9.2.2. Register as a User on behalf of another person;
9.2.3. To mislead Users regarding their identity, or their relations with other persons;
9.2.4. Carry out mass mailings of messages without the consent of the recipients;
9.2.5. To carry out actions aimed at disrupting the normal operation of the Service;
9.2.6. Use automatic scripts (bots, crawlers, etc.) without the special permission of the Administration to collect information about the Service and / or interact with the Service;
9.2.7. To place advertising and / or political agitation, unless otherwise specifically established by a separate agreement between the User and the Administration;
9.2.8. To commit other actions that violate the legislation of the Russian Federation and / or other applicable legislation, including the legislation of the User's place of residence.

9.3. All claims related to the Content should be sent to the Administration through a request form.

Rights and duties of the Administration
10.1. The Administration makes reasonable efforts to provide the Service and promptly restore it in the event of technical failures and interruptions.
10.2. The Administration does not verify the accuracy of the information provided by the User at Registration, but reserves the right in exceptional cases to require the User to confirm it. Non-confirmation of information can be equated with providing false information and entailing the consequences provided for in ยง 4.2. Agreement.
10.3. The Administration does not check the Content and / or actions of the Users for compliance with the requirements of the Agreement and applicable law, but reserves the right, at its discretion or in the event of receiving an appeal from the authorized body and / or reasonable demand of another person, without prior notice to the User, to mark the Content as material for Adults, take the measures specified in clause 2.5 of the Agreement, and limit the access of specific Users to the Blog / Community.
10.4. Upon receipt of an appeal by an authorized body, the Administration may be obliged to provide such authorized body with information about the User that is available to it or associated with the User.
10.5. The Administration has the right to restrict the User's access to any of the Service's functions, as well as to restrict or prohibit the use of the API, placing links to third-party resources, and take other actions aimed at protecting the Service from factors that positively or potentially threaten Users, Service and policy of the Administration. The Administration implements these measures at its own discretion and is not responsible for the possible negative consequences of such measures for the User or third parties.
10.6. The Administration has the right, at its discretion and without prior notice to the User, to supplement, reduce or otherwise modify the functionality of the Service and the procedure for providing it.

A responsibility
11.1. The User is liable for violation of the terms of the Agreement, including requirements for the Registration and placement of Content, as well as for violation of the applicable law by the User, including the legislation of the Russian Federation and the legislation of the User's place of residence;
11.2. Administration is not responsible for temporary interruptions and interruptions in the work of the Service, caused by them inaccessibility and / or loss of information. Administration is not liable for any damage to any equipment, computer programs or information caused by or associated with the use of the Service, including damage caused by the modification of the Service in accordance with clause 10.6 of the Agreement.
11.3. The administration draws attention to the fact that in accordance with the Russian Federation Law No. 2300-1 of 07.02.1992, the provisions of this law concerning the protection of consumers' rights do not apply to relations between the Administration and Users, since the Service is provided free of charge.

12.1. Unless otherwise specifically established by a separate agreement between the User and the Administration, the Administration may, without additional notice and without any compensation to the User, post advertising on the Service, including the blogs / communities pages.
12.2. Administration has the right at any time to change the way, type and amount of advertising placed on the Service.
12.3. Participation of the User in promotions and events advertised on the Service, as well as the purchase by the User of the goods, works or services advertised on the Service generates rights and obligations exclusively between the User and the person selling the relevant goods, work, services or conducting a share or event.
12.4. Placement by the User on the Content Service of an advertising nature (a promise to make such an arrangement) does not entail any obligations for the Administration.
12.5. The Administration has the right to send information to the User at the e-mail addresses indicated to them concerning the Service, as well as advertising of third parties.

Final provisions
13.1. The proper addresses for sending legally significant messages are: 13.1.1. For the Administration: In relation to messages related to the Content: a form for appeals, In respect of other communications: 117105, Moscow, Varshavskoye Shosse, 9 p. 1.

13.1.2. For the User: Registration address.

13.2. All disputes arising from the Agreement and / or related to the Service and the Content may be transferred to the court after the Parties have taken measures for the pre-trial settlement of the dispute after 30 calendar days from the date of submission of the claim (s) to the addresses specified in clause 13.1 of the Agreement .
13.3. In case of non-settlement of the dispute at the time specified in clause 13.2, the dispute may be referred to the court's decision at the location of the Administration.
13.4. Paid services are not subject to the Agreement. Administration does not bear any responsibility for Paid services. All issues related to the receipt of paid services must be addressed to Live Journal Inc.

I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV. I'm not sure that having someone sign a document that states it isn't legally binding means anything, even if you are providing a link to another document hosted on a seperate page in a different language that *is* legally binding. Howwever, I do think that would be cold comfort for most LJ users who find their accounts deleted or purged because SUP held that they had violated the terms of service in some way.

That's why I wanted to remind everyone about the Eerie Indiana community on Dreamwidth. It's basically a mirror of the LJ comm, except YouTube embedding doesn't work, you can't schedule entries in advance, and embedding Tweets show text and no pictures. For this reason, I will continue to use and update the Eerie Indiana livejournal community, but I will try to get better about importing updates to DW on a daily basis.

Hopefully I'll see you there!
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