Feb. 7th, 2017

froodle: (bitch)
im just getting round to watching the third season of the originals amd im really confused by it. why is cami working as a criminal minds type profiler for the new oreleans police? and what is a part time shrink? i thought she was a student - did she qualify? why is the nopd calling her to analhse crime scenes if shes not a qualified... thingie? when did vincent stop being finn? and why are thenew oreleans wotches being mean to davina when she saved everyone and defeated all the bads? hayley has the crescent curse now? and theres an originals version of shitty enzo being shitty? what? i dont understand anything!
froodle: (bitch)
...on the other hand "brad? chad? brody?" was hilarious. more of that, please, less stupid tanglewood vampire family tree bullshit.

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