Jan. 7th, 2017

froodle: (bitch)
Mike playing Metal Gear Solid:

Mike: Come on, I just crashed through a window and landed next to your bed! There's glass everywhere! How are you not awake?!
Mike: Mate, get up. Get up, I wanna torture you.
Mike: Oh good, he's awake. Come here, you piece of shit.
*Snake drags the guy out of the cabin and into the shade behind the hut*
Mike: Look at that pile of your dead friends. I did that! While you were sleeping I killed all your mates. But maybe you can live if you tell me something good.
*Guy starts speaking. Snake cuts his throat*
Mike: Hahah, did you see that? I made him think he had a chance and then murdered him. I didn't even care about updating the map. I did it for fun!
Mike: ...it's a bit bad how much I enjoyed that.

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