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I tied my hair back because, IDK, I thought it would help me blend in more?

I feel so creeped out right now

I wish I hadn’t come in

Two different people both complimented my dress this morning

And instead of being like, “oh thank you”, I was sat there thinking “oh god please don’t draw any attention to me”

I can’t stop thinking about my body and how, while I’m sat here trying to do my job, someone is like “my boner has feelings about your legs, and my boner is important enough for me to go to your boss and your boss’s boss about it”

And my boss and my boss’s boss are both like, hmm, boner feelings, seems appropriate and also something *I* should be taking steps to control, because some random decided I was meat to be looked at and not a person, or an employee, or anything other than how my body makes them feel

I’m super uncomfortable and frightened and my anxiety is through the roof right now

I just want to draw a curtain around my corner so nobody can look at me and tell me all the vague non-specified but definitely inadequate ways I don’t measure up

And I’m looking around at what other people are wearing and I’m seeing bare arms and legs in tights and so I still don’t get it

And my skin crawls every moment I’m out in the office with the thought of who is looking at me
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I just bought the paperback version of armageddon outta here PURELY for the two new billy ray stories and OH GOD i know i know it was all weird and jacked up and remnant and hitmanny but I LOVE HIM SO MUCH and I LOVED HIM AND TANITH SO MUCH and im just... im stil really not over him dying. WAHHHHHHHHHH.
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I know she's all remnanty and that at the time, but the scene where madam mist gives tanith a fucking arachnoid bukkake shot to the face is THE STUFF OF FUCKING NIGHTMARES.
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I am still SO MAD about Erskine Ravel. Like... SO MAD. WHY IS EVERYTHING TERRIBLE?!
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The guy doing the Kingdom of the Wicked audiobook has given Billy Ray a proper Elvis voice and idk, I kind of like it. Though in my head he always sounds like Ryan Kwantan playing Jason Stackhouse, which probably shows how much I dont know about American accents in general and Southern ones in particular.
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Im rereading the skulduggery pleasant series andandand kenspeckle, oh no, kenspeckle...
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I would always really character myself up like when I went in for, well I don’t know if you’re aware of “Foreverware”; did you ever see Eerie, Indiana? I did two Eerie, Indiana’s, both for Joe. There were two segments and the first one was called “Foreverware” and it was this really funny segment about people who preserve themselves in Tupperware, or “Foreverware”, as in the story. We had to sing and all this stuff and it was just crazy, okay? When I read it I called Joe up, after the audition when I got the part, and I said, “Look, if I’m going to do this I’m going to have to have a wig” and he said, “Why would you have to have a wig?” and I said, “Because I can’t play this character as me. I have an idea, just please I have to have a wig.” He says, “You don’t need a wig.” I said, “Joe, would you just please let me do this?” So he finally agreed, and I went to the hair department and I told them exactly what I wanted. To make a long story short when I was in college back in the day my roommate was Heather MacRae; and if you know Heather MacRae at all she had those blonde bangs with the straight blonde hair, you might remember her from Bang the Drum Slowly; she was wonderful in that. Anyway, she was an old friend of mine and I wanted to play her because she characterized this character for me. So I got this blonde wig that was just like her and I had wardrobe wardrobe me in this sort of lime green A frame dress and white go-go boots, et cetera. I walked on set and Joe takes one look at me and he almost fell over he was like, “Oh my God”. Well, the producers fell so in love with this character that they, two episodes later, brought my character back and gave me a set of twins; and it was in the one called “Hole in the Wall Gang” with Hoyt Axton and they had me standing in the bank with my daughter and she’s dressed with the little blond wig and the green A frame dress and white go-go boots and it was really visually very, very funny.

So, Joe always allowed me a lot of creative freedom; but I always had to audition for him except for in The Howling.
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I am watching Veronica Mars for the very first time. I dont know how ive never seen it before because it is right up my alley.
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Snork throws a whiny mantrum at his sister over not being able to find the bread basket he lost.

Snorkmaiden's response is to suggest he invent an unloseable basket - "You can solve that problem before you go to work with your brain" - and leaves to visit Moominhouse while wishing him a cheery good day.

Later for you, whining entitled manchild.
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Edward the Booble's not *really* dangerous, "but you want to be very careful he doesn't step on you by mistake because he's so big". Don't worry though, he always pays for the funeral.

Hodgkins/Frederickson, you legend.
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"Little My is certainly not brimming over with motherly love,and as for the facts of life, she probably knows them already." Little My gives no fucks, I love her. Shoutout to the Mys of this world, out there unashamedly knowing your own mind.
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didnt realise how much of last week id spent hunched over clutching my stomach til i got better, went back to work, and found my back killing me from sitting normally in an office chair.

still, apparently i missed some epic nonsense from the departmental pain in the ass, so i think i still came out on top.
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there is a fucking thirty foot sheep made of pinetrees on the headland overlooking the bay. you can see it silhoetted against the skyline from the prom and the summer people coming in on the boat can see it before the rest of the island comes into view.

seriously, guys. i thought we were pretending we werent basically a real life summerisle and then you put up a massive "we're gonna wicker man you" statue...
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just found an unopened box of reeses peanut butter minis at the back of the cupboard. taking the whole bag, a mug of tea and the stargate atlantis s2/boxset to bed because it legit does not get better than this
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yesterday mike shaved his beard off and he looks about ten years old (much dimples! such smooth!) and for the last two days he's been using his tiny baby face to make me do stuff for him, like make him cups of tea or princess him with blankets. then tonight he tried to grab my boobs and i was like, no its weird youre a baby now and he was like noooooo this has backfired so badly what happened!!

so now hes peering in the bathroom mirror trying to go super saiyan so his beard grows back, but last time it took nearly six months for his follicle count to reach critical mass so looks like hes a baby for the forseeable future.
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are you kidding me? king falls puts out a fucking musical episode and TANIS gets the twin peaks sponsorship? what are you playing at universe.
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FRICKARD YOU FUCKING FROG MOLESTING PIECE OF SHIT!! I am under my CuddleCrew and im not coming out until King Falls AM fixes this. if anyone needs me, you can reach me by moving the rainbow alpaca.

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