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Watched Hannibal for the first time ever. I'm afraid of mushrooms, so I literally spent the first two eps rolling my eyes and muttering that the whole show was just hugh dancy twitching and the other guy eating in a super pretentious way, and went straight to FREAKING THE FUCK OUT in the fungus fields episode. OH MY GOD WHEN ONE OF THEM WOKE UP VOMMING FOREVER FUCK YOU MUSHROOMS YOU LITERAL PIECES OF SHIT
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Hahah and now the old milkman version of mars is in the next episode. Awesome!
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Hahah, Mike just spotted Charles Furnell in an episode of the X-Files!

Eta: oh eeewwww he's a massive child molester, ick. Thrill ruined.
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It's October! Officially Halloween time! And omg so many challenge things I wanna do right now. This is just a quick list to remind myself of what's on when:

[ profile] 31_days October challenge:
1. Ride the wild wind
2. All Soul’s Day
3. A ghost hunter’s memories
4. The creak of a door
5. The big chest
6. Let’s assume we’re friends
7. Which or Witch?
8. Paint the skies scarlet

9. In front of the fireplace
10. Flickering candles
11. Carving pumpkins

12. Did you know…?
13. Jumping into the fallen leaves
14. “It’s me.”
15. Bonfire

16. Roasting hot dogs
17. Making S’mores
18. Snuggling

19. Mums in bloom
20. Decorating for Halloween
21. Dressing up for a costume party
22. Crystal ball
23. Magic spell
24. Last days of summer
25. Ouija Board
26. Skeleton keys
27. Painting pictures with words
28. Trick or Treat
29. Smell my feet
30. Give me something
31. Good to eat

[ profile] spook_me Grim Reaper picture prompt: 1 fic min, due 26th October

[ profile] fffc, 1 x fic min due 24/10 - 1/11

Killer: Crime & Giallo
Monster: Classic & Mythological
Monster: Small Creatures
Other: Sci-Fi Horror

[ profile] 31daysoffandom prompts, due October 1 - 31, 300 word min for each prompt, can be used in any order or combo:

1/10 - 3/10
4/10 - 10/10
11/10 - 31/10

Full Moon
Trick or Treat
Gone (Horribly) Wrong

Pumpkins/Jack O'Lanterns

Eek, so much fun biz for the doing!
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oh my god the author of johannes cabal is talking to me on twitter what the fuck do i do hes gonna find out im a massive fucking nerd gwhgfuiewh9ofr3uw9gvowjhoigvewhoifgewhoigvewvw WHY DID I TWEET HIM gnjbvheilbhdosipbvhdsiogvhwEIOGHEWIOGVEWHO
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JP from Carmilla is what happens when a digidestined doesn't get through the digiport in time. He's probably one of those original five children from season one that never made it back to our world.
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I just finished the most recent book, the Creeping Shadow. I wish there was a concentrated Lockwood and Co fandom presence on LJ, but if there is I can't find it. It's on Tumblr but I find Tumblr a fucking nightmare to interact on.

Also... you know, I really don't like Lockwood very much. I love that that awful girl-jealousy bullshit between Lucy and Holly got dropped, the Skull and George are hilarious and Kipps is a really interesting character, more so with every book. But Lockwood... idk, he leaves me cold. I think when he was a bit silly in the first book, I was fine with him, but he's just so... ugh, you know, he's like the author's crafty wank fantasy and I don't understand why all the characters in-book think he's so great.

Anyway, given that most of the fandom I see on Tumblr is really Lockwood/Lucy centric, maybe I wouldn't interact all that much anyway, but if I could actually navigate and use the fucking thing, there might be a subset of people who'd get all excited over the books and the other characters without being all OMG LUCY AND LOCKWOOD KISSING YAY and I'm like, ugh, she could do better, he's a twat.
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Mike and i went out for tapas tonight. I had a digimon dress on. He wore a pokemon tshirt. The owner took a picture of us in exchange for free drinks. I was like, pokemon sucks, lets be enemy supervillains. He was like, digimon is stupid, have more sangria. The moon was orange. I couldnt see the tower of refuge when we walked back, but eventually it was there. Someone had a fluffy dog. Someone else rode a skateboard with light up neon lights on the wheels. The restaurant played acoustic guitar versions of famous songs. My meat had plums and pinenuts in. It was very nice.
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25 years ago today, the pilot episode of Eerie, Indiana aired for the very first time. Sit down and reminisce over the story that started it all. And if you're hungry for more than just some tasty nostalgia, I've got a bologna sandwich for you that's as fresh as the day it was made... in 1974.
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I love the internet. I just finished listening to Wooden Overcoats and i was like, man i hooe Georgie and Antigone get together, and i pootle over to AO3 and its like HELLO DID YOU WANT FEMSLASH WE HAS IT.
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Saw someone with a welcome to nightvale "catch the flesh eating reading bacteria" bookbag walking out of waterstones today. I was like OMG A TOTAL COOL PERSON and then i walked off because i didnt want to be weird. But still, a cool person lives on my island! So cool.
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Went to a fortieth birthday party tonight; home before 11, because I'm a total party animal.
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To celebrate twenty-five years since Eerie, Indiana first aired, the [ profile] eerie_indiana comm will be starting a weekly rewatch of the series, begining with Foreverware on 15th September 7.30pm GMT. The schedule for the whole thing is listed here. No signups required, if you miss a week you can revisit the previous episode's post and comment when you catch up, or just move on to next week's episode.
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three days in and i still feel awful. so im gonna watch hocus pocus. because i deserve it and having a frail human body is STUPID.
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Woke uo this morning feeling like ass, so have taken the day off and decided to spend it on the sofa watching Vincent Price movies. First up: House on Haunted Hill.
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Mike spent the day with a bunch of his old bandmates and just walked in absolutely steaming drunk.

I'd left a chippy dinner out for him, he tried to pick up three sausages at the same time, dropped one and started crying, then the one he was already eating fell out of his mouth because he was crying. He screamed STUPID SEXY SAUSAGES and sat on the kitchen floor with a halfeaten sausage in each hand, taking alternate bites of them and repeatedly asking me if we have peanut butter.

Also, he is missing quite a big stripe out of his beard, and apparently in the course of the night they "mislaid" one of their group and got a weird formal whatapp message that sounded nothing like him when they asked where he was.

ETA: now he is singing about his pants to the tune of "you're the one that i want" from Grease and trying to put on one of my headbands. I'm not giving him the peanut butter.
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I had a dream last night that members of the Chinese Mafia ate all my egg custard tarts. I think they were coming to do crime, but I was like, would you like some tarts and they were really enthusiastic about having them, so I felt bad. When I woke up, Mike told me he dreamed the council were paving our road with brooms and people who walked too slowly got swept along by the tarring crews. They were so tired that when the brush caught them, they flopped limply and rolled along the uneven ground without protest. Now we're going to M&S to buy tarts and watch out for roving gangs of pavers/tart eaters on the way.

Also, yesterday I saw an awkwardly smiling dog. He passed me on the narrow walkway along the north quay and he was big so I had to squeeze to one side to let him pass. His mouth was smipy but his eyebrows were apologetic and he trotted past quickly,like he didnt want to be stroked. It makes me happy when dogs are awkward and apologetic for existing; i feel like its ok when i do it then.
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Mike just legit got mad at my Wormmon plushie because an antennae jabbed him in the eye, and I quote, "I can't choke him with his fucking fat neck! I tried to strangle him and my hands won't fit!" *throws him across the room* "You know what, fuck off Wormmon, this is why Ken hates you."

Eta: now he's pointedly hugging Terriermon and telling him his ears are silky while glaring at Wormmon. I fear for the emotional wellbeing of our stuffed toys.
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Douglas carnival starts in ten minutes. Time for shitty parade floats honouring bizarre local businesses. Hopefully I'll be able to get a photo of ChimpBee this year. What does ChimpBee advertise? I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA.
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I love the internet. I went looking for Tanis fanfic to keep me going through the hiatus and SO MUCH of it is Nic/Geoff van Sant porn.

Honestly Geoff reminds me of that guy from The Tingler whose wife dies and Vincent Price is doing her autopsy and the guy just CONTINUALLY asks Vinnie P to go for a drink with him, like WHY ARE YOU SO INVESTED IN BEING FRIENDS WITH THIS GUY WHO YOU MET BECAUSE HE WAS CUTTING UP YOUR DEAD WIFE?!

Anyway, spoiler alert, the guy turns out to have murdered his wife, but even after it's revealed he still REALLY wants to be Vincent Price's friend and Vinnie P is like WHAT NO YOU'RE A TOTAL MURDERER GOODBYE FOREVER! So, Geoff van Sant is probably COMPLETELY EVIL but I will *totally* read fic about this polite Canadian guy and this totally-murderous ex-military guy boning, so, thank you internet for making LITERALLY EVERYTHING about sex. Good job.

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