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This is a test for scheduled entries

ETA: aaand it didnt work. Now I know.
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Mike playing Metal Gear Solid:

Mike: Come on, I just crashed through a window and landed next to your bed! There's glass everywhere! How are you not awake?!
Mike: Mate, get up. Get up, I wanna torture you.
Mike: Oh good, he's awake. Come here, you piece of shit.
*Snake drags the guy out of the cabin and into the shade behind the hut*
Mike: Look at that pile of your dead friends. I did that! While you were sleeping I killed all your mates. But maybe you can live if you tell me something good.
*Guy starts speaking. Snake cuts his throat*
Mike: Hahah, did you see that? I made him think he had a chance and then murdered him. I didn't even care about updating the map. I did it for fun!
Mike:'s a bit bad how much I enjoyed that.
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"don't sulk van" its not like your country just burned down and everyone you know is missing or dead and also you're in jail #escaflowne
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Mike got me the bluray deluxe edition of Escaflowne for Christmas and we've just started watching it today. I love that dub!Van basically is introduced with him dad-voicing Hitomis weird decoy earth boyfriend. "Don't take that tone with me!", indeed.
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Me: Holy shit, I forgot to put sweets out for Krampus!
Mike: Wait, what happens if we don't?
Me: I don't know, beaten with sticks? Gimme your shoes, I need to put Pringles in them.
Mike: Why does it have to be my shoes?
Me: Well, i dont know if Krampus just takes the sweets or the shoes aswell, and I'm not giving up my shoes.
Mike: Aww.
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Lookimg for the Dangonropa DVDs on our crowded and disorganised bookcase:

Mike: What the... baba, what is this? Why is there a headless sitting man behind the Fables comics?

Me: Huh? Show me! *looks* Oh, that's my Sad Keanu doll. I guess I never repaired him.

Mike: I've got superglue, do you have his head?

Me: Oh yeah, I put it in a box. It should be on the shelves. Can you see it? It has a melted army man on the lid.

Mike: Looking for a box with a Johnny Got His Gun doll on top containing the severed head of Keanu Reeves... I love our life.

Me: Oh no I dropped his body! Can you see where it landed?

Mike: Yeah, it went under the sofa. Haha, he's spinning like a little breakdancer... oh, he stopped.

Me: Well yeah, he's got no head to spin on.

Mike: *pulls out Sad Keanu body* Shhhh oh my God, you'll make him self-concious.

Me: Hey, I found the box with his head!

Mike: Hahah, look at the state of that army man, what a loser.

Me: Oh my God you are so rude! That guy cared for Sad Keanu Head months after we forgot about him.

Mike: No way, he used Sad Keanu Head to make himself feel better. Come on, Sad Keanu, lets go sit with the cool toys.
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every time carlos talks about science in a way that makes it clear hes talking about magic, i picture him as the snork from moomins whenever he clashes with the witch and his argumentd are basically "NO THATS NOT SCIENTIFIC!"
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Mike just accidentally stepped on Thumbalina in the Witcher dlc and spent five minutes with his hand over his mouth in horror while Geralt scraped his bloodied foot on the ground like he'd stepped in dog poo
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Oh my fucking God, America.
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Mike;s playing the remastered version of Skyrim and he;s on a mission where this dude is like "oh no my wife fiona was kidnapped by bandits from our farm" and i was like haha its probably jessica lange faking her abduction to escape his shitty cat-piss KNOTTY PIIIIIIINNNNEE farm and then it turns out that is totally the ending of the story and mike ended up telling the guy his wife's dead.

Jessica Lange, man, fucking savage.
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I just saw the Lobster and it was AMAZING and I'm not even saying that because Colin Farrell, except in the non-shallow sense that Colin Farrell is an AMAZING actor and please somebody talk to me about it because I have all these feelings and if I dont discuss them I'll cry and then die.

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Watched Hannibal for the first time ever. I'm afraid of mushrooms, so I literally spent the first two eps rolling my eyes and muttering that the whole show was just hugh dancy twitching and the other guy eating in a super pretentious way, and went straight to FREAKING THE FUCK OUT in the fungus fields episode. OH MY GOD WHEN ONE OF THEM WOKE UP VOMMING FOREVER FUCK YOU MUSHROOMS YOU LITERAL PIECES OF SHIT
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Hahah and now the old milkman version of mars is in the next episode. Awesome!
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Hahah, Mike just spotted Charles Furnell in an episode of the X-Files!

Eta: oh eeewwww he's a massive child molester, ick. Thrill ruined.
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It's October! Officially Halloween time! And omg so many challenge things I wanna do right now. This is just a quick list to remind myself of what's on when:

[ profile] 31_days October challenge:
1. Ride the wild wind
2. All Soul’s Day
3. A ghost hunter’s memories
4. The creak of a door
5. The big chest
6. Let’s assume we’re friends
7. Which or Witch?
8. Paint the skies scarlet

9. In front of the fireplace
10. Flickering candles
11. Carving pumpkins

12. Did you know…?
13. Jumping into the fallen leaves
14. “It’s me.”
15. Bonfire

16. Roasting hot dogs
17. Making S’mores
18. Snuggling

19. Mums in bloom
20. Decorating for Halloween
21. Dressing up for a costume party
22. Crystal ball
23. Magic spell
24. Last days of summer
25. Ouija Board
26. Skeleton keys
27. Painting pictures with words
28. Trick or Treat
29. Smell my feet
30. Give me something
31. Good to eat

[ profile] spook_me Grim Reaper picture prompt: 1 fic min, due 26th October

[ profile] fffc, 1 x fic min due 24/10 - 1/11

Killer: Crime & Giallo
Monster: Classic & Mythological
Monster: Small Creatures
Other: Sci-Fi Horror

[ profile] 31daysoffandom prompts, due October 1 - 31, 300 word min for each prompt, can be used in any order or combo:

1/10 - 3/10
4/10 - 10/10
11/10 - 31/10

Full Moon
Trick or Treat
Gone (Horribly) Wrong

Pumpkins/Jack O'Lanterns

Eek, so much fun biz for the doing!
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oh my god the author of johannes cabal is talking to me on twitter what the fuck do i do hes gonna find out im a massive fucking nerd gwhgfuiewh9ofr3uw9gvowjhoigvewhoifgewhoigvewvw WHY DID I TWEET HIM gnjbvheilbhdosipbvhdsiogvhwEIOGHEWIOGVEWHO
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JP from Carmilla is what happens when a digidestined doesn't get through the digiport in time. He's probably one of those original five children from season one that never made it back to our world.

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